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Be a tourist in the county of Jämtland

The region has a unique flora and fauna and is famous for its accessible wilderness, superb homemade foods and clearly defined seasons. The major ski resorts in the region are Åre, Funäsfjällen and Lofsdalen. Östersund meanwhile is a major centre for trip skating on lake ice and cross-country skiing. 

The Sámi culture, with its own history and traditions, has had a major influence on the region. The region Jämtland Härjedalen has a total of 12 Sámi villages and around 44,000 reindeer.

The seasons in Jämtland

Visit summertime for hiking, fishing and biking, as well as canoeing, wild game watching, horse-riding and golfing with the mountains as backdrop. In wintertime, skiing is the most popular activity. On offer are alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowmobile safaris, dog sledding, ice fishing, riding, ice climbing, reindeer sleigh rides, paragliding.  

The region is full of culinary innovators 

You will find awarded breweries, active shielings, tasty farm dairies, bakeries and of course charming restaurants. No wonder the region around Östersund is one of the worlds Creative Cities of Gastronomy (awarded by UNESCO).

The Swedish fika

In Sweden, taking a break to have a coffee and a cake is a very important part of our lifestyle. We call this ‘fika’. We really enjoy taking a break to meet friends, family, colleagues or loved ones over a cup of coffee and a Swedish cake. In Östersund there are a plenty of cafés to discover the Swedish Fika, but be sure not to miss out on our local specialties

Moosegarden Östersund

Set high above the expansive lake Storsjön, we offer the opportunity to mingle with moose, experiencing the king of the forest up close in their natural environment. With the help of our expert guides, our tours will allow you to spend time with these incredible animals.  More about us read here. Photo Moosegarden

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HHugsnäsets Holiday Cottages and Fishing offer a quiet and peaceful accommodation next to Lake Revsund. The construction of cottages has taken place since 2007 and was funded with funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. This is so that guests can fully enjoy the stay at the Hugsnäset farm in Jämtland.