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A place to relax: houses for rent. backen_0423

Hugsnäset is a remote place between Bräcke and Östersund in the Jämtland county. A perfect and quiet place for relaxing and undisturbed time on your own or together with family or friends. Altogether with comfortable living. Our four houses offer simple but comfortable living with kitchen and toilet in the house. Every house also has WiFi.

All around the region you find activities and places to visit, nature, city and sport activities in a perfect blend to suite most needs. You’ll find pictures in the Swedish section of this website.

The forest, the lake and the beautiful meadows at the property of Hugsnäset surrounds you. It really is a perfect spot to relax and dwell between your excursions and outings. The Swedish mountains are just two hours away by car, the lake and various streams with great fishing is just around the corner. Here you almost live in the forest and animals like elk, foxes, and even bear and lynx are seen in the closest area.

Find out your self. Like many others have done.


The houses

There are four different houses to rent: The four bed Sjöstugan by the lake, the seven bed Bagarstugan 100 meters from the lake, and the six bed Flottarstugan further up the meadows, close to the woods but only 200 meters from the lake. The new house Innersta Friden with a BIG terass just beside the lake takes five people. All houses with outside private space to sit and relax in.

For more details, please call or email.


Bagarstugan, Flottarstugan and Sjöstugan has the same fee:
5600 SEK per week
900 SEK per day.

Innersta Friden:
8000 SEK per week
1200 SEK per day

All the houses has water, heat and toilet indoors and are comfortable even in the winter. Guests are responsible for cooking and self service at own cost. Cleaning after rental period is not included in price but can be added at an additional cost.

The outdoor bathtub and sauna can be rented at additional cost.


Please get in touch by phone or e-mail if you have a request or question.

Phone: +46 70 329 13 44
Inger Jönsson
Hugsnäset 120
840 50 Gällö

How to get to Hugsnäset:

Train stops at Bräcke or Östersund. Nearest airport is Åre Östersund Airport 55 kilometers west of Hugsnäset.

Rent a car in Östersund or Bräcke if you want to see and experience the area easily. Nearest food shop and services is i Gällö, six kilometers från Hugsnäset.

150 km from Sundsvall
48 km from Östersund
30 km from Bräcke
6 km from Gällö (closest village)

GPS coordinates

WGS84 62°57’48.3″N 15°13’31.6″E

WGS84 DDM 62°57.804’N 15°13.527’E 

WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 62.963403, 15.225448

Telefon: 070-329 13 44